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American Football

American Football Matches

American Football All - NFL Preseason Matches4 Markets Indianapolis Colts vs Baltimore Ravens 4 Markets
American Football All - NCAA52 Markets Colorado State Rams vs Hawaii Rainbow Warriors 26 Markets New Mexico State Aggies vs Wyoming Cowboys 26 Markets
American Football All - NFL545 Markets Philadelphia Eagles vs Atlanta Falcons 35 Markets Baltimore Ravens vs Buffalo Bills 35 Markets Indianapolis Colts vs Cincinnati Bengals 30 Markets New England Patriots vs Houston Texans 35 Markets New York Giants vs Jacksonville Jaguars 35 Markets Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers 34 Markets Minnesota Vikings vs San Francisco 49ers 31 Markets New Orleans Saints vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers 35 Markets Miami Dolphins vs Tennessee Titans 35 Markets Los Angeles Chargers vs Kansas City Chiefs 35 Markets Carolina Panthers vs Dallas Cowboys 35 Markets Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks 31 Markets Arizona Cardinals vs Washington Redskins 36 Markets Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears 36 Markets Detroit Lions vs New York Jets 36 Markets Oakland Raiders vs Los Angeles Rams 31 Markets
NFL - Season Wins31 Markets Arizona Cardinals Over 5.5 vs Arizona Cardinals Under 5.5 1 Market Atlanta Falcons Over 9.5 vs Atlanta Falcons Under 9.5 1 Market Baltimore Ravens Over 8.5 vs Baltimore Ravens Under 8.5 1 Market Carolina Panthers Over 8.5 vs Carolina Panthers Under 8.5 1 Market Chicago Bears Over 6.5 vs Chicago Bears Under 6.5 1 Market Cincinnati Bengals Over 6.5 vs Cincinnati Bengals Under 6.5 1 Market Cleveland Browns Over 5.5 vs Cleveland Browns Under 5.5 1 Market Dallas Cowboys Over 8.5 vs Dallas Cowboys Under 8.5 1 Market Denver Broncos Over 7.5 vs Denver Broncos Under 7.5 1 Market Detroit Lions Over 8.5 vs Detroit Lions Under 8.5 1 Market Green Bay Packers Over 9.5 vs Green Bay Packers Under 9.5 1 Market Houston Texans Over 8.5 vs Houston Texans Under 8.5 1 Market Indianapolis Colts Over 6.5 vs Indianapolis Colts Under 6.5 1 Market Jacksonville Jaguars Over 9.5 vs Jacksonville Jaguars Under 9.5 1 Market Kansas City Chiefs Over 7.5 vs Kansas City Chiefs Under 7.5 1 Market LA Chargers Over 10.5 vs LA Chargers Under 10.5 1 Market LA Rams Over 10.5 vs LA Rams Under 10.5 1 Market Miami Dolphins Over 6.5 vs Miami Dolphins Under 6.5 1 Market Minnesota Vikings Over 10.5 vs Minnesota Vikings Under 10.5 1 Market New England Patriots Over 11.5 vs New England Patriots Under 11.5 1 Market New Orleans Saints Over 9.5 vs New Orleans Saints Under 9.5 1 Market New York Giants Over 6.5 vs New York Giants Under 6.5 1 Market New York Jets Over 5.5 vs New York Jets Under 5.5 1 Market Oakland Raiders Over 7.5 vs Oakland Raiders Under 7.5 1 Market Philadelphia Eagles Over 10.5 vs Philadelphia Eagles Under 10.5 1 Market Pittsburgh Steelers Over 10.5 vs Pittsburgh Steelers Under 10.5 1 Market San Francisco 49ers Over 8.5 vs San Francisco 49ers Under 8.5 1 Market Seattle Seahawks Over 8.5 vs Seattle Seahawks Under 8.5 1 Market Tampa Bay Buccaneers Over 6.5 vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers Under 6.5 1 Market Tennessee Titans Over 7.5 vs Tennessee Titans Under 7.5 1 Market Washington Redskins Over 6.5 vs Washington Redskins Under 6.5 1 Market
  • NFL Betting & Odds

    NFL betting is hugely popular around the globe including down under with football fans especially keen to bet the Super Bowl odds each year. Founded in 1920 it was renamed as the NFL in 1922 and today there are 32 NFL clubs, divided into two conferences, which fight it out for the Super Bowl Trophy.


    The American NFL football season starts the week after the Labor Day holiday and continues through until the end of December. Contested over 17 weeks the NFL season leads into the Playoffs, which is when American Football betting really heats up. NFL betting hits peak at Super Bowl time each February, but American Football odds are open on all matches during the regular season through Live Betting markets.


    The Green Bay Packers boast the most NFL Championships – 13 titles made up of nine prior to the Super Bowl Era and four Super Bowl wins. The NFL team record for the most Super Bowl championships belongs to the Pittsburgh Steelers with six.

  • Popular NFL Bet Types

    Some of the popular NFL betting types include: Head-to-Head NFL odds on each match, First Score Of The Game, First Team to Score Wins Game, Total Points, Race to 10 Points, Winning Margin and Game To Go Overtime. All-in Super Bowl betting and NFL Championship odds are also available across the year at Ladbrokes.


    As well as the standard head-to-head Super Bowl odds on each team to take out the game each February there are a host of other top NFL betting markets open on the grand final of American Football. Key Super Bowl betting odds include: First Touchdown Scorer and Line / Total Points Double. There are also Super Bowl Scoring Markets including the First Score of the Game and Super Bowl betting on the 1st Half Point Spread plus plenty more open right now.

  • NFL Resources